• Why Mossa


Group fitness, in any environment, remains a critical strategy from building stronger members – members who are less price sensitive, more social and more connected.  Through industry-leading programming and emotive, inspiring marketing campaigns, MOSSA will help your facility promote and deliver an unparalleled member experience to a growing demographic base, regardless of gender, age, or fitness level.


Content: Professionally designed, tested and based on the principles of movement, motivation, music and metrics. We call it M4 Programming and it’s a pioneering approach to the next level of group fitness.


Rest assured, we take the training of your instructors to an entirely new level, in part because they represent your brand in the face of the consumer. And in part because our programming is not off the shelf, but rooted in our philosophy.


We get it. Running a facility is all consuming. Marketing that facility takes another level of resources – people and budgets. Many facilities see us as their outsourced ad agency, because we know the content and the consumer.


Everything we do and know — best practices, room design, delivering a great member experience, selling memberships, reaching the 80%, member onboarding, metrics and group fitness KPI’s – comes from 40 years of industry experience.

MOSSA has the most comprehensive and thorough program development process in the fitness industry. This includes an unsurpassed, methodical testing phase that consists of 150 test classes for just one workout. We have years of testing data and we use it to build programs to help your facility reach as many people as possible.

Each program is designed to provide a high level of consistency for your facility. This consistency allows you to market and deliver a high-quality member experience. Within the consistent brand architecture, we also see the great value of variability in training. We create variability through release themes. When you combine the consistency of the MOSSA brand architecture with the variability of the release themes, you get our overarching philosophy that sets us apart from all competitors: that MOSSA workouts are “always and never the same.”

Our music guarantee promises that all songs have been thoroughly evaluated to be appropriate for general audiences. Because we reproduce songs custom for the experience, instead of using originals, we have the ability to edit lyrics, adjust beats-per-minute, and even remove entire sections of music or lyrics.

In this hyper-competitive marketplace, you must sharpen your skills and focus on key service options that allow you to get more and keep more members. Guiding prospective members into group fitness helps to connect members socially and ensures that their experience at your facility is memorable, fun, and personable. In the MOSSA Sales and Membership Training we will discuss how your membership team can close more sales and create more referrals using the resources provided by MOSSA.

We believe hard-core fitness advertisements only appeal to a small segment of the population. Each quarter we provide your facility with a new sales and marketing campaign, designed to reach more people with a message that is focused on health, wellness, movement health, and the many benefits of exercise. We have a wide variety of options so that you can choose which campaigns resonate with your community. Each quarter we host a webcast to review the new materials (print, video, social, digital) and discuss sales and marketing strategies to help your team increase participation in group fitness and sell more memberships.

Less than five percent of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day.  With this in mind, each workout is thoughtfully designed and thoroughly tested to motivate, not intimidate a growing segment of the population. Our goal is that each experience delivered by your team includes participants of various fitness levels, from the fitness enthusiast to the new exerciser.

We are the industry’s leader in customizing and engineering music to motivate participants and drive workouts. We are passionately focused on creating the best “exercise music” to get people moving. We use popular, chart-topping songs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s to reach all ages and musical tastes. We use sound effects, song mashups, and music engineering to enhance the emotional experience for members. By custom producing our own exclusive music, we have 100% control over the speed, song structure, length of song and all lyrics.

Our MOSSA Business Coaches are committed to your success. Our Coach Team will support you with best practices, resources, and strategies for everything impacting your group fitness department. Areas of expertise include recruitment, scheduling, new member integration, room design, KPI’s for group fitness, and social media marketing.