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Instructors Bring MOSSA Programs to Life

MOSSA Programs Combined with Instructor Passion.
The heart and soul of all MOSSA program experiences is the instructor. Their commitment, spirit, and passion to get more people moving bring MOSSA programs to life! Our Program Development Teams are committed to creating the highest quality programs for you, your clubs, and your members. We also work diligently with management to support and develop the instructor team so together we can pack your room and get more people moving!.
A group of people doing exercises in a class using special equipment
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Become an Instructor

Get More People Moving!

Do you have a passion for fitness? Our customers are always looking for enthusiastic, energetic people to join their team. Our comprehensive 3-day, 2-day, and 1-day trainings and contining education resources will give you the foundation and support to get more people moving!

More on Becoming an Instructor

New Releases Each Quarter

Quarterly Releases to Keep Members Engaged
All of the MOSSA programs are developed in quarterly cycles with new program releases every January, April, July, and October. Many companies have the equivalent of a quarterly, or seasonal, launch with the goal of retaining current RAVING FAN customers and selling new ones. The anticipation of the new program release builds excitement for members and the new music, movements, and exercises pique their interest, challenges them, and keeps them coming back for more. The quarterly releases ensure that your current group fitness members remain long-term, active, and committed participants.
A group of people doing exercises for core using weights
A group of people lifting weights in the air

Instructor Education

Develop and Grow
MOSSA supports instructors to be the best they can be with Initial Trainings, on-going Education Workshops, video education, on-line exams with CECs, and webcasts. Each quarter the new program release is packed with tons of information and education to give instructors the best learning tools possible. The release includes Program Notes, Music CD, and Education Resources DVD to ensure the most consistent and highest quality exercise experience.