• Become an Instructor

Become An Instructor - Getting Started


Contact MOSSA Cyprus

Use our Contact Us page to get in touch with us and obtain more information about the process, upcoming trainings as well as receive our Instructor Agreement Form.


Register using our Instructor Registration Form

Fill out our Instructor Agreement Form and send it to us.


Receive Confirmation of Approval

After you have submitted your registration you will receive an approval for you to attend the training.

What To Know Prior to the live Training

Please recognize that MOSSA Training is a strenuous workout and is only appropriate for individuals in good physical and mental health.

Review and sign instructor agreement

You should have completed this step when you registered for the training. If not, you should do so prior to the training.

Participate 100% in the Training

You are required to participate in 100% of the Training. This means completing the allotted days and hours of the Training and participating in all aspects of the Training. If you have medical conditions, including pregnancy, that concern you, you must check with your doctor prior to the Training to confirm your ability to participate.

Bring a music player

During Trainings, you will receive program resources in digital form, therefore you need to bring with you a USB flash drive. It is important that you have a way to listen to the music on this USB flash drive over the course of the Training (e.g. With an MP3 player, phone, tablet, i-pad or laptop computer – all with headphones.) Make sure to bring all necessary cables so you can import the music to the music device of your choice.

Bring a pen or pencil

Your Trainer will be saying some brilliant things that you’ll want to jot down in your Instructor Workbook. So, be prepared!

Traveling? A digital video player will help.

You will receive a video in digital form of the entire class you are training to teach. If you are staying at a hotel, you might enjoy the convenience of bringing a digital video player (e.g. smartphone, tablet, i-pad, laptop) to help you practice.

An email address is required

The vast majority of our communication, such as information on events, program releases, and updated educational resources, will be shared with each instructor via email.

A change of clothes and appropriate shoes required

You will be moving, sweating, sitting, and standing. You will be hot, you will be cold! We suggest dressing in layers, since room temperatures may be out of the Trainer’s control during Training. Don’t forget to have deodorant and breath mints on hand too.

Bring a towel or two

Like we said, you will be sweating!

Bring plenty of food and snacks

Maybe even a special treat for the Trainer. He or she will be very happy!

Plan on homework

You will be assigned homework. We suggest leaving the evenings free.

Have fun!

What is Expected After Training?

Within 90 days of completing your Initial Training you are required to submit a video of you teaching the program in a live class setting to receive an Assessment Certificate of Completion. Learn more about Assessment.