• Assessment

Instructor Video Assessment

Within 90 days of completing your Initial Training you are required to submit a video of you teaching the program in a live class setting to receive an Assessment Certificate of Completion.

Assessment ensures:

  • Instructors meet the standards of the program
  • The programs are being delivered as intended (maintaining brand integrity)

Helpful Information

Submit a digital video, a video of yourself teaching all tracks in their entirety in a live class setting.

You must:

  • Use the release on which you were initially trained
  • Have at least five people in your class
  • Know the programming and not use notes
  • With the exception of Group Ride/R30, set up the camera to face you directly so your movements are clearly seen from the front. Ask your participants to give you space in the middle of the floor for a clear view. For Group Ride/R30, set up the camera at a 45 degree angle rather than straight on so your movements are clearly seen from the side. For all programs, confirm that your voice and music are each clearly audible. The camera must run from the beginning to the end of the class without stopping.
  • Only digital videos are accepted. If you submit your assessment video in an incorrect format, or the format is not assessable due to missing tracks or audio difficulties, you will be requested to submit a second assessment. Make a back-up copy for yourself.
A fee of €35 must accompany your assessment (PAYMENT SHOULD BE MADE USING OUR ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEM).
As always, be sure to test your digital video before submitting it.

What You'll Need to Know For the Assessment

Evaluate yourself using the assessment form from your Instructor Workbook before submitting your video. Ensure you meet all the criteria listed in the guidelines. The assessment form can be found immediately following the assessment cover sheet.

All aspects evaluated in assessment are shown on the program assessment form.

You will receive one of the following results:

Pass – You have achieved the minimum qualification standards and are eligible to be covered by the MOSSA product liability clause.

Fail – You have not met the minimum qualification standards and must resubmit a new assessment using the same release within 30 days of receiving your results. There are no additional fees to resubmit.

Once you pass assessment, there is no update required. However, Quarterly Educational Meetings are mandatory.

If you are unable to complete your assessment within 90 days of Initial Training: Stop teaching this MOSSA program immediately. Neither you nor the club will be covered by the MOSSA product liability clause until you pass assessment.

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